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2017-2018 School of New Resources 
2017-2018 School of New Resources [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



All interested prospective students are welcome at the School of New Resources. Students must be age 21 or older, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and have successfully completed an English assessment.   The assessment is used for purpose of academic advisement and placement.  Placement in English courses is based on demonstrated competency rather than on previous course work.  Reading scores indicate the following placements: 7.0-9.7, college preparatory Access Program (non-credit); 9.8-12.9, college program. 

The College of New Rochelle is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant international students.


Library Learning Commons

The Library Learning Commons are designed for students who need to reinforce grammatical concepts of standard English, master sentence structure and punctuation, expand and develop vocabulary, sharpen reading skills, or review mathematical operations.  The Library Commons is a place where students can go for individual academic support through academic coaching sessions in critical reading, writting skills, problem solving, and mathematical skills.

New Student Orientation

New students are expected to attend an information session designed especially for them and scheduled for maximum accessibility. Students will be informed of the dates and times by staff at the campus where they have applied for admission.


All students registered at the School of New Resources who have been accepted for pursuit of a degree from The College of New Rochelle are considered to be matriculated.


Transfer of Credit

All new students who wish to apply for transfer credit for work done previously at another college or university must request that an official copy of their transcript(s) be sent to the campus to which they are applying.

In most cases, the request for a transcript is made to the Registrar of the institution in question. A nominal fee is often involved. This must be done during the first term after the student has been admitted to the School of New Resources. A copy of the transcript evaluation will be sent to the student from the Office of the Registrar within the semester.

A student may not transfer more than 90 credits toward the degree from The College of New Rochelle. A maximum of 68 credits from one or more two-year junior or community colleges may be transferred. Students who wish to transfer credit from a foreign institution of higher education must have their transcript evaluated by a NACES approved equivalency agency.

Courses taken at an accredited post-secondary institution in which the student has earned a grade of C- or better are accepted for transfer credit, if they are consistent with the School of New Resources degree offerings and if they do not duplicate courses taken at the School of New Resources or other colleges. No more than 40 credits may be transferred from one liberal arts discipline (e.g., philosophy, history, sociology, psychology). The maximum number of credits acceptable in a professional discipline is 30. These 30 credits may include 10 technical credits and must be equivalent to courses accepted by the School.

Credits earned through College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and College Proficiency Examination (CPE) are considered a form of transfer credit and fall under these guidelines. Submission of general CLEP scores must be submitted by the time the student reaches 30 credits and subject CLEP scores must be received by the time the student has reached 80 credits.  Credits are awarded for courses recommended by evaluation services such as the American Council on Education, The National College Credit Recommendation Service and The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support.  The School does not accept transfer courses in Secretarial Science, Remedial,Travel, Tourism, Real Estate, Taxation, and Insurance. For clarification, please contact a professional advisor.


Registration is conducted during six periods in the school year. Registration dates are listed in the offical academic calendar. Students will be informed when online registration opens.

To be registered with The School of New Resources, students must submit the FAFSA online and submit proof of immunization.  Once the FAFSA has been accepted, stduents can complete advisement for registration with a full time faculty person and register online.

Students are permitted to register for 18 credits  with permission from their Campus Director.  Also, students on probation may register on a conditional basis pending verification of grades.

Registration Options

Students may register for courses at other campuses as per availablility. Students who wish to register for a course in another School of the College may do so with  approval of the Dean of the School of New Resources and the Dean of the receiving School. Please consult with the Campus Director for further information.