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2017-2018 School of New Resources 
2017-2018 School of New Resources [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services

The College recognizes the importance of integration of all aspects of a student’s life in the process of education and therefore offers many services through a wide array of diverse offerings, and affirming, community building policies. The College endeavors to foster an atmosphere of growth through experiences which enable students to develop their full intellectual potential and to contribute to the campus culture.

Responsibility for developmental and non-academic aspects of college life rests with the Vice President for Student Services. The Vice President provides the vision for the Student Services Division.

Each Student Services unit serves the four schools in ways supportive of its unique model and mission. The division of Student Services uses the educational model of each particular school as the basis for providing services and programs for students. For example, a full, traditional service delivery model is provided to undergraduate students in the Schools of Arts & Sciences and Nursing & Healthcare Professions while the Schools of New Resources and Graduate School have delivery modes that are tailored to their populations.

The rights and responsibilities of students in matters not pertaining to academic policy fall under the jurisdiction of this division. Students are responsible for adherence to all policies and regulations contained in this catalog, in the Student Handbook, and in official CNR communications, paying particular attention to the Student Code of Conduct.

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The College is a Division III member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which establishes the rules and regulations for participation and competition. We are also affiliated with the Association of Division III Independents, and locally, with the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The Intercollegiate Athletics Program sponsors seven women sports; basketball, cross-country, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball and six men’s sports; baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming and tennis for undergraduates in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions.

The department also sponsors a cheerleading team, intramural events, and recreational activities that are open to all students.  The athletics area is staffed by the athletic director, team coaches, sports medicine staff and a sports information director.  All students are encouraged to support the college’s athletic teams through their attendance at competitions, many of which are held in the Wellness Center on the New Rochelle Campus.

Mission & Ministry

Rooted in our Catholic traditions, Mission & Ministry is committed to the faith development of the CNR family.  Liturgies are offered every Sunday throughout the entire calendar year, during Holy Days of Obligation, and during the academic year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.   Additionally, there are opportunities for spiritual development, RCIA preparation, and social justice education. 

Mission & Ministry walks with students on their spiritual journey and branches out to embrace the richness of our culturally diverse and multi-faith college community. Seekers and servers from all the four schools of the College are welcomed by a Mission & Ministry team consisting of the chaplain, director of music ensembles, chapel choir, and student Ursuline Leaders.

The many offerings of Mission & Ministry allow students, faculty, and staff to explore ways to foster their faith life and serves as a foundation for service to others through the establishment of peace through justice. Community service opportunities are offered both on and off campus. Mission & Ministry affirms the equality of all people and is committed to inclusion and collaboration.

Career Development

The Career Development office coordinates career counseling services for all schools of the College. The office maintains a multitude of career resources, which include employers and available positions. All students have access to our CAREERlink system, a dynamic web-based career tool which houses the aforementioned resources. Additionally, The Career Development office offers a variety of workshops and programs. 

Counselors are skilled to assist students with many aspects of career planning, including exploring areas of interest, identifying career options, planning for internship opportunities, creating a career strategy, maintaining a professional on-line presence, implementing successful job search strategies, planning for graduate study, along with the customary resume preparation, and interview skills training.  Students are urged to develop a relationship with this office early in their academic careers. 

The Career Development offers a credentials file service, whereby recommendations are maintained and sent to prospective employers. There is a small charge for setting up the file and maintaining the file.

Counseling & Health Services

The Counseling & Health Services Office provides confidential services for students.  The combined office is staffed by credentialed employees including a psychologist, social worker, visiting physician and nurse practitioner. 

All students are required to submit a College Health Form at the time of their enrollment, which is proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccinations (two doses of MMR are required by NYS law), and a Meningitis vaccination/declination form.  On the Health Form, students are expected to fully disclose any chronic or recurrent physical or psychological health conditions that may impede their college success.

Most routine services are provided free of charge and include episodic treatment for minor illnesses and other concerns.  The staff may serve in a liaison capacity to the student’s primary care physician/psychiatrist/psychologist for chronic and/or long-term care concerns.  Appointments are encouraged but walk-ins are accepted. 

It is recommended that all students secure health insurance coverage.  Students should be in possession of their health insurance card, or have a photocopy of the front and back of the card.  In an emergency, students should call 9-1-1 first; then, notify Security who will assist in directing emergency personnel to your location.

All health information is confidential and may only be released under two conditions - if the student is a potential harm to herself/himself and/or others, or if the student has given consent for the release of confidential information to a specific party.

Music Ensembles

All students are encouraged to share their musical talents with the College community through participation in our music ensembles. 

The Holy Family Chapel Choir provides music ministry for the community through their weekly participation in Sunday Liturgy and in participation with other music ensembles they delight the audiences through their exciting signature concerts at Christmas time and in the Spring.

Other vocal groups include a vibrant Gospel Choir and an A Cappella group with a repertoire expanded to include contemporary and popular music.  Additionally, there is an opportunity for students who have experience playing an instrument to provide music at special events, concerts, masses, and sporting events.

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Student Activities

The Student Activities staff is guided by the philosophy that education occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. The staff strives to promote an overall sense of community by providing students with opportunities to engage in meaningful activities, develop leadership skills, and demonstrate responsibility for their actions. By creating an environment that offers support and building on a foundation of sensitivity towards individual needs and differences, Student Activities assists students in making life choices that better prepare them to contribute to society.


Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is located on the New Rochelle campus; though, all currently enrolled students have free membership to the Wellness Center by virtue of their student status.  The Wellness Center has a competition size swimming pool, fitness center, a gymnasium that serves as both basketball and volleyball courts, and an elevated track overlooking the gymnasium.  Please see the website for posted hours of operation.   The Wellness Center, the largest space on any campus, also serves as the location for special events such as Honors Convocations and Hooding Ceremonies.