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  Dec 17, 2017
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences


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The Chemistry program aims to prepare knowledgeable and creative professionals who are proficient in the core principles and disciplines of chemistry and thoroughly grounded in the liberal arts. Through a sequence of foundational and in-depth course work, the Chemistry curriculum emphasizes skills of critical reasoning, problem solving, and scientific communication alongside comprehensive laboratory experiences in modern methods, techniques, and instrumentation.

In conjunction with professional organizations such as the American Chemical Society, the Chemistry program encourages student engagement in meaningful service activities within local and global contexts.  The chemistry curriculum also provides student research opportunities either with a faculty member or through internship placement in industry and other institutions.

With the choice of either a B.A. or B.S. degree, a major in chemistry provides strong preparation for graduate studies, medical or dental school, physical therapy programs, or for careers in teaching, pharmacy, forensics, patent law, industry, or research. The Chemistry minor enhances any concentration in the sciences or humanities. Our small class sizes provide unique opportunities for personal advising, mentorship, and interaction with faculty as well as full access to department facilities.

The Chemistry department consists of three full-time faculty members as well as several adjunct faculty members and a full-time laboratory manager. The physical facilities of the Chemistry department, located in the Science Building, consist of four laboratories including an instrumentation laboratory along with workstations for computational modeling.

Professional Studies in Education: Chemistry

Chemistry students who complete the requirements for the B.S. or the B.A. degree in Chemistry may wish to pursue New York State teacher certification to teach on the high school or middle school levels. Specific course work is outlined in the Education  section of this catalog. Additional programs available to students in this department include childhood education (Grades 1-6), early childhood education, and education of students with disabilities.





      Chem 101 Chemistry and Society and CHM 107 History of Science and Mathematics are not currently being offered. 

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