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2014-2015 Graduate School 
2014-2015 Graduate School [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) leading to initial/professional certification, M.S. Ed


*Note: Professionals who have 40 days of full-time experience as an ESL, bilingual, or foreign language teacher should complete an OT-11 form (Substitution of Experience for Student Teaching) which is available at the Division of Education office. Students whose OT-11 is approved will substitute MME 702 - Practicum in TESOL: Pre-K-12  for MME 740 - Student Teaching in TESOL . Students who are unable to satisfy the requirements listed on the OT-11 form will take MME 740 - Student Teaching in TESOL .

**Note: Professionals seeking certification should note that NYSED requirements change. Please check regularly with the Division Office, Division bulletin boards, your advisor, and the NYSED website for changes in state requirements.


General admission requirements are the same as that for the Graduate School (see here ). Students seeking initial certification also must demonstrate completion of all undergraduate prerequisites as dictated by the New York State Education Department. Students admitted with deficiencies in these prerequisites will be required to complete these deficiencies before admission to candidacy.


Students who are candidates for certification with the New York State Department of Education will need to complete all of the necessary pre-requisites and requirements, including certification exams and the completion of 12 credits in a foreign language. Students will be reviewed for Candidacy after completion of 12 credits. Please see general candidacy requirements  at the beginning of this catalog.

Teacher Certification Workshop Series - No Credit

(Required of all students applying for a NYSED Teacher, Supervisiory, Administrative or Pupil Personnel Service certification)

The Certification Workshop Series is required for initial certification. No credit is given for this required workshop series. The sessions are divided into the following topics:

  • WCS 983 - Identification & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect (2 hours)
  • WCS 984 - School Violence Prevention and Intervention (2 hours)
  • WCS 985 - Child Abduction Prevention
  • WCS 986 - Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness
  • WCS 987 - Health and Safety Issues with Fire Safety and Arson Prevention
  • WCS 990 - DASA: Bullying Prevention Training