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    The College of New Rochelle
  Feb 17, 2018
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences

Pre-Law Program

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Through its programs in the liberal arts, the School of Arts & Sciences enables the student to develop the analytical skills necessary to think critically and decisively, to discover principles which govern a situation, and to apply these principles with subtlety and dexterity. There are courses which specifically reflect the ethical dimensions of the legal profession: the importance of law in a free society; the moral analysis of situations with which the law must deal; and the moral and legal responsibilities of being an advocate for others. Courses are available in philosophy, political science, women’s studies and history which provide other important elements in preparation for law school: developing an understanding of law as part of the American political process; and awareness of how the law fits into the framework of American society.

Pre-Law Advisor

The Pre-Law Advisor, who maintains a collection of materials about the LSAT, various law schools, and careers in law, serves as a resource for information and advice. Students work closely with the Advisor to plan courses and programs of study. Students interested in law should contact the Pre-Law Advisor no later than the spring of sophomore year.

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