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    The College of New Rochelle
  Jan 18, 2018
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences

Pre-Health Professions Program

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The Pre-Health Professions Program is designed to fulfill the requirements of a major course of study while preparing the student for entrance into a variety of colleges of health-related professions and colleges of basic medical sciences.

Guidance is given to students interested in applying to schools of optometry, podiatry, osteopathy, medical technology and physical therapy.

Courses required for admission vary with each discipline; therefore, the student’s course of study should be constructed in consultation with the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Health Advisor. Generally, recommended courses include: Genetics; Microbiology; Molecular biology; Vertebrate Biology or Anatomy and Physiology; two years of Chemistry; and one year of mathematics including Statistics or Calculus.

Pre-Health Committee

Students interested in Pre-Medicine or Pre-Health Professions should contact the Pre-Medicine Committee through the Chairperson of the Committee. The Chairperson serves as the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Health Advisor. The Pre-Medicine Committee functions to advise the student, supply information, conduct interviews of potential medical school applicants, and forward recommendations to the professional schools on behalf of qualified students.

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