May 25, 2018  
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences 
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences

History, B.A.

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The major in history requires a minimum of 37 credit hours in addition to the minimum requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences.

General requirements - 12 Credits

A History major or minor selects four (4) courses outside her concentration cluster: two at the introductory level (100) and two at the upper division level (200/300 level).

Concentration Cluster requirements - 15 Credits

A major selects one of three concentration clusters: The Americas; Europe; or World/ Comparative, and takes two courses from the 100 introductory sequence in the cluster and three courses from among upper division courses offered in the area of concentration.

Upper Division Reading Seminars - 6 Credits

To understand how historians treat various issues and processes, these 300-level courses are intense reading and writing experiences taken in the junior and senior (first semester) years.

Thesis Requirement - 4 Credits

The Thesis Proposal Writing Tutorial is a one-credit independent study with the thesis advisor taken in the semester preceding the production of the thesis. The Senior Thesis is a three-credit course.

Model Freshman Program (Concentration/Cluster Europe)

Fall - 15 Credits

Spring - 15 Credits

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