Jul 17, 2018  
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences 
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences

International Studies, B.A.

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In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts & Sciences, International Studies majors must complete at least 36 credits in at least two different disciplines chosen from the following:

Political Science

In consultation with the International Studies director, the student identifies a primary concentration from the list above (BUS/ECO, HIS, POS) and selects at least six courses (18 credits) in that discipline. She also selects a secondary field (BUS/ECO, HIS, POS) and takes at least four courses (12 credits) in that discipline.

In addition to course requirements and courses in her primary and secondary concentrations, the major is required to take a methodology course, usually in the Social Sciences, as well as a seminar or independent study often related to the major’s required capstone project.

Majors must achieve competence in at least one modern foreign language beyond the basic language requirement for the School of Arts & Sciences.

The final requirement is the capstone project. The project is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing especially on the major’s primary and secondary concentrations. In consultation with the director who approves the project proposal, the major completes the project in her senior year.

Internships are not required of the major but are strongly recommended; they may be completed locally or globally, either for-credit or not-for-credit.

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