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    The College of New Rochelle
  Sep 25, 2017
2017-2018 School of Arts & Sciences

4+1 Program in Public Administration

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This program is designed for The College of New Rochelle School students who in their junior year of the undergraduate program elect to begin graduate course work towards the Master’s degree in Public Administration.  The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is the core professional degree for a management career in public service. The curriculum is designed to aid students in developing the skills and techniques used by leaders and managers to implement policies, projects, and programs to address important societal problems. Graduates of an MPA program work in all levels of government (federal, state, and local), in nonprofits, in international organizations, consulting firms, and in the private sector.  

Criteria for Admission

  1. Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  2. Undergraduate major in Business, Economics, History, Political Science, or Sociology. Students enrolled in other SAS majors that are interested in the 4+1 program with the MPA program can consult with their academic advisor.   
  3. Students can apply to take graduate courses once they have successfully completed at least 45 credits toward their undergraduate program.
  4. Successfully complete the following courses with a B or better:
    1. POS 261 - American Public Policy  
    2. POS 280 - Law and the Courts  
    3. ECO 161 - Contemporary Economic Issues for Human Services Professionals  
    4. SOC 100 - Introductory Sociology   
  5. The students enrolled within the 4+1 program will need to obtain course registration clearance from both their undergraduate advisor within the School of Arts and Sciences and the Program Director of the MPA program. 
  6. Students must successfully complete each of the MPA courses they take with a grade of “C” or better to count towards their bachelor’s degree.  However, to be accepted into, and to subsequently graduate from the MPA program, a student must achieve a “B” or better average. 

Course Schedule 

Students who successfully complete the 4+1 program receive both the BA or BS degree in their chosen major and an MPA degree in Public Administration.  The full MPA degree program can be completed in one year after the completion of the bachelor’s degree if the student enters the fifth year having completed 12 MPA graduate credits as an undergraduate student, and subsequently completes 9 credits during the fall, 9 credits during the spring and 6 credits during the summer of the students fifth year of enrollment.

Once a student is approved to enter the 4+1 program, during both the Junior and Senior years of study, undergraduate students may register for up to four courses within the MPA program.  These courses are:
Required Core Courses - 12 Credits

  • PAD 501 Introduction to Public Administration 3 cr.
  • PAD 601 Management of Non-Profit and Public Agencies 3 cr.
  • PAD 604 Human Resources 3 cr.
  • PAD 608 Finance and Economic Policy 3 cr.

Upon completing all course work to satisfy their undergraduate major, students will take the following courses in the Graduate School Public Administration program:

Core Courses - 6 Credits

  • PAD 602 Public Policy 3 cr.
  • PAD 606 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Public Administration 3 cr.

Elective Courses - 12 Credits

Students choose four of the following courses to meet their elective requirements within the MPA program:

  • PAD 623 Non-Profit Communication and Fund Raising 3 cr.
  • PAD 624 Business and Professional Presentations 3 cr.
  • PAD 630 Public Relations Campaigns For Not-for-Profit Organizations 3 cr.
  • PAD 640 Leadership & Team Building 3 credits
  • PAD 645 Comparative Public and Non-Profit Administration 3 cr.
  • PAD 650 Governance in the Mother City 3 cr.
  • PAD 720 Internship II in Public Administration 3 cr.

Required Capstone Courses - 6 Credits 

  • PAD 701 Program Evaluation 3 cr.
  • PAD 710 Internship in Public Administration 3 cr.
  • PAD 711 Comprehensive Exam 0 cr.

Total credits: 36


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